Amy McCall

Hello from Tennessee. I see quite a few of you are from PA. I was just in Philadelphia last week. I flew in to Philly and took the train to Atlantic City for a long weekend. It was very relaxing.

I started teaching a bit later than most. I waited to go back to school to finish until my youngest was in Kindergarten. I have a daughter that is 16 and a son that is 14. They are in high school and very active in the band program. We go to band competitions regularly in the fall. They keep me busy.

I teach first grade at Delano Optional School in Memphis. This will be my sixth year this fall. It is my third year teaching first. I taught Kindergarten my first three years at the school. Whew, I am glad I teach first now. I have found my niche.

I am new to wiki's. I have used Wikipedia in the past, but I have never contributed to the site. I am eager to learn more about wiki's and how I can use them in my classroom with first graders. I believe wiki's could be a great tool to use to collaborate with my colleagues and build a unit plan. Let me know if anyone has any other ideas for first graders using wiki's.

I am looking forward to this class and getting to know all of you.


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