I teach environmental science to grades K-8 at Bear Creek Charter School in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I am very happy to say that I am currently on maternity leave, as I have just had baby number 4, a daughter named Erin, on May 29th. My husband and I are also parents to Brigid 17, Connor 13 and Aidan 11, and are thrilled about our new addition!
Professionally, I enjoy teaching environmental science and take advantage of the wonderful outdoor classroom we have at Bear Creek (4.5 wooded acres that include a stream). While we do not have as much technology at our disposal as other local districts, we do utilize what we have as much as possible even though it requires quite a bit of creativity and foresight to do so. I find it well worth the effort because it really does motivate and inspire the students, and I am looking forward to building up my "technological arsenal" by taking this class.
In the past, my fifth grade students have completed water studies to test the health of the watershed we have on the school grounds. I have connected with a teacher from a different district who does similar studies on a tributary to the same watershed. We have relied on email to correspond and exchange results, but I hope to create and utilize a wiki for our future studies to make the process more efficient and student lead.

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