Donna Chamberlain

I am a Behavior Specialist in a middle school in central Ohio. Just a few years ago, we were a rural school, but recently the farmland began selling and our entire dynamics has shifted and we are experiencing definite growth spurts. Five years ago, we had a graduating class of 100 students. This year’s kindergarten class is expected to be at least 400. Unfortunately, our technology knowledge and use are not growing as quickly.

I do not teach any academic courses, but I spend my day going in and out of my students' classrooms in response to their behavioral and emotional needs. I feel wikis could be a good collaborative tool for me, my colleagues, and my students. I work with all of the teachers across three grade levels and it often difficult to get assignments from them. I could see using wikis as a way for teachers to post homework information to me and my students. This seems like it would be easier than e-mails. Since I am responsible for students spread throughout the building, I think it could also help me when there are behavior issues at hand. I cannot always touch base everyday with every teacher, so teachers could post positive or negative behaviors on a wiki, which would allow others to feed off of those comments.

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