Intro - Ed Hostetler

My name is Ed Hostetler and I am a first grade teacher at Selinsgrove Elementary in central PA. I'm going into my fourth year of teaching - I can't help but think, how could three years have gone by already. But, at the same time, it feels like I've been teaching my whole life. I actually went to Selinsgrove as a student, so it is neat to see the employee side of things. I was surprised that it was never awkward to become a colleague to my former teachers. It was more of a continuation of great relationships.

I am currently taking my 3rd and 4th courses for instructional media. We are currently building a big addition onto our elementary school and remodeling the existing part. We also have some great technology at our fingertips finally - we each have projectors, mimios, wireless internet, Wii's for indoor recess, and a brand new computer lab for next year. I look forward to learning how I can best use these tools.

When I'm not teaching or working on these classes, I like to spend time with my wife, Libby, and my 14 month old son, Grant. I coach football at Selinsgrove and I love to do pretty much anything outdoors, especially fishing and camping.

Wiki's certainly do allow you to collaborate in new and exciting ways. Students can utilize wiki's for group projects. If the group project requires some work to be done outside of the classroom, students can collaborate at home via their wiki page, instead of driving to a mutual meeting place. It also allows students to collaborate with students from around the globe. It also allows for some great collaboration between colleagues. Teachers can bounce ideas off of each other and share resources. It even gives teachers the opportunity to create lesson plans together. I will be working on a Professional Growth Incentive Plan with 2 other colleagues this year for our Mimio Units (makes a whiteboard into a type of SmartBoard). We need to prepare and conduct training sessions for the rest of the elementary teachers. We could certainly use a wiki for collaborating and organization.

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