Kris Fontes Intro + observation

I have been teaching art for ten + years, after raising three kids and following my chef, husband around the world. My classes are taught in a computer lab - digital graphic design, animation, and "computer" art. This year I also taught a class called Explore, for sixth graders. Wanting to introduce something to engage and capure their attention, I chose to introduce the students to computer programming (not in my field by any stretch of the imagination) using Storytelling Alice from Carnegie Mellon and Scratch from MIT. We learned together.
I teach in a small rural high school in northwest Pennsylvania where we use technology in almost every content area. There are a number of reasons why this is happening, 1.) the state wide initiative, Classrooms of the Future, which places trained technology integrators in each school and supplies the school with computers and software and money; 2.) professional development that targets technology and 3.) teachers who are not afraid to take risks.
My experience with Wikis is limited, however, I am anxious to learn its potential. I have participated in only one Wiki, the 2009 NAEA National Convention Wiki at a site for presenters at the convention in Minneapolis, to upload session information and handouts for attendees to access. My own presentation, using Voicethread, is listed on this wiki.

My question: With so many choices for student/teacher collaboration in the classroom, and with new Web 2.0 applications being created daily, how in the world can you decided which one to use?

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