Hello. My name is Ed Braxmeier and I am a 9th grade learning support math teacher in the Easton Area School District. I ahve been married for 15 years and am very glad to be on summer vacation.
I am looking forward to learning how wiki spaces can be used in the classroom. I would like to use this as a method of communication with my students and IEP caseload parents. I hope to learn how to incorporate the wiki system into my everyday classroom.

Hello, my name is Dolores Bluntschly. I am a second grade teacher at a small rural school in Ohio. I have been teaching there for ten years. I am the mother of four children, 3 girls and 1 boy. My oldest daughter will be starting high school this coming school year and my youngest daughter just turned one at the end of May. My other daughter is 12 and my son is 9. They keep me very busy!
Among my list of duties as a second grade teahcer, I am also the webmaster of our elementary web page for the district website. We recently got a new superintendent that is very much into technology so I am hoping to see more teachers utilize the technologies that are out there.
I looking forward to learning more about wikis and how I can use them in my second grade class room and as collaborations tools with other teachers.

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