Jackie Bishop

Hi! My name is Jackie Bishop. I teach life skills support at the Towanda Jr/Sr Highschool. This is my 24th year of teaching. My husband is a self-employed contractor. We have 2 children who grew up way too fast. Our son is 21 and our daughter is 18. She just graduated from high school and will attend Bloomsburg in the fall. Because of their activities I fell desperately behind in my technology skills. This is my second online class. I am a little overwhelmed with so much new stuff…moodle, google doc. and wikis. I definitely am a sequential learner and I over think the whys and whatfors way too much. This is the second time I typed this. I thought I saved it the first time. If the other one shows up somewhere sorry for the repeat.
I have had my students use Wikipedia, but we have not edited it. Honestly, I didn't know you could edit a wiki. We have had a class from another school district as penpals. I think I would like to set up a wiki and use it to communicate back and forth with them. Of course I'll have to see what this is all about and think it over.
I also would like to have my students present reports using a wiki. In the past they have used Power Point for their presentstions. With a wiki they could click on a classmates presentation and read about the topic. They could compare each others pages. I could even do a type of scavenger hunt to get them to find specific facts.

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